Used cooking oil is a major problem in Bali. The Bio Bus team has found a way to make this a thing of the past. Providing more than 1,800 biodiesel-fueled rides, the Bio Bus saves 3 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere every month. And the best part of it? This is a 100% student run social enterprise! Learn how students stepped out of the classroom and into the ‘real world’, allowing them to create change with a tangible impact. Take the young bright minds of Bio Bus Team members such as Maxwell and Kyla, and the Green School Bali, committed to social responsibility and ecological sustainability, and presto, things get rolling. Via biodiesel that is. These two high school students tell us about the Bio Bus initiative: from cooking oil to fuel, from fuel to soap, and providing employment for locals. The Bio Bus Team, invited to France to attend COP21 (The 2015 Paris Climate Conference), and COY11 (the Conference of Youth), garnered international attention for their work in Bali. Maxwell is the Bio Bus Web and App Developer. Kyla is the GS Bio Bus Social Media and Outreach Coordinator. Both love their work with the Bio Bus project because they are “setting a green example.”

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