Technical prosessing

Oil Collection

Caritas Switzerland/Lengis Hijau collects the used cooking oil according to the hotels and restaurants requirements. Jerrycans with 20 L capacity are used for the oil collection. Empty and clean jerry cans are provided to hotels and restaurants while the full jerry cans are picked.

Recycling Process

For the conversion of used cooking into biodiesel the biodiesel processor Fuelmatic 3 from Green Fuels, UK is used (please refer to the picture below and the technical scheme attached in appendix 2) .

Marketing the Biodiesel

Biodiesel produced within this system will be sold to hotels and restaurants for a price rate below industrial diesel fuel price. For selling the biodiesel separate agreements will be arranged with interested customers. (please refer to appendix 4).

Benefit of the Project

In the table below the benefits from the oil recycling project are summarized:

Benefit for the environment

Benefit for the region and the residents

Benefit for hotels and restaurants

Protection of waterbodies & groundwater Creation of income, jobs & training Safe & cost neutral solution for used cooking oil disposal
Protection of fresh water resources Organisation development & strengthening local know‐how Bio diesel isoffered for sale below price of industrial diesel fuel
Soil protection Reduce health risks from waste oil consumption The cooperation network canbe join tlyusedtotackle other waste/ environmental issues
Reduction of green house gas emissions Awareness risingon environmental & health issues Participants will receive a certifcate for their social & environ. responsibility (CSR)